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RockVets Newsletter
January 2023
Volume XV  Issue 1                             Veterans Crisis Line: Dial 988, then Press 1
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to our Veteran Community!  We wish you good health, much happiness and an abundance of Blessings for 2023!  

New Year's Resolutions and Health Care

New City VA Community Health Center

John Grant, Rockland County's First County Executive, was a veteran of the Korean War. He was a member of the Marine Corps League and a former Commander of Leo Laders American Legion Post 130.  Mr. Grant understood that Rockland's veterans needed a combat veteran, one who had experienced what our veterans had experienced, to champion their cause.  He found that champion when he appointed Jerry Donnellan as Director of Rockland County's Veteran Service Agency in New City.  During Jerry's 30 years with that agency, one of the many projects that he proposed was for a veterans medical clinic.  County Executive John Grant supported Jerry's idea and, more than 30 years ago, the Agent Orange Medical Clinic was created at the Rockland Health Complex in Pomona, New York.

This veterans' medical clinic ran successfully for a number of years and continued as C. Scott Vanderhoef replaced John Grant as County Executive in 1994.  Jerry's vision, leadership, and lobbying the VA, led to the formation of the Veterans Administration establishing a "model" community medical clinic in Rockland County in March of 1997. No doubt, the successful operation of the Pomona Agent Orange clinic, was a good prototype for the VA to understand why a local community clinic was important for our veterans.  

The local VA Health Center in Rockland was the first of what has now become 1400 such local community clinics for veterans across the country....each serving thousands of local veterans.

It's a new year and many of us have new year's resolutions in place to take better care of our health.  One good way to start off the New Year is finding out further information about this community health center, created exclusively for our veterans.  It is there for you to use -- one of the benefits you have earned because of your service to this nation.  

You can find further information about our local VA Health Center through their website: or just call them at 845-634-8942.  There are other such clinics throughout the Hudson Valley and across the nation that offer the same services.  So choose the one closest to you.

Here is Rockland County's Veterans Health Center:

New City VA Community Health Center

345 North Main Street
New City, New York 10956
Phone: 845-634-8942

Register to get care at our local VA Hudson Valley health care facilities located in New City.
If you are not yet enrolled in VA health care, the VA can help you apply in person or get started online. The New City VA Community Clinic was set up 26 years ago and is there for your convenience. These are benefits that you have earned for your service to this nation.
Please sign up and use the benefits that are available for you.

About VA health benefits:  If you qualify for VA health care, you’ll receive coverage for the services you need to help you get—and stay—healthy. Learn more about your health care benefits.  Call us:  

  • Health benefits hotline:  877-222-VETS (8387)
  • My HealtheVet help desk:  877-327-0022
  • eBenefits technical support:  800-983-0937
  • MyVA411 main information line:  800-698-2411
  • If you have hearing loss, call TTY: 711.

What care and services does VA health care cover?
Each Veteran’s medical benefits package is unique. Yours will include care and services to help:

  • Treat illnesses and injuries
  • Prevent future health problems
  • Improve your ability to function
  • Enhance your quality of life

All Veterans receive coverage for most care and services, but only some will qualify for added benefits like dental care. The full list of your covered benefits depends on:
  • Your priority group, and
  • The advice of your VA primary care provider (your main doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant), and
  • The medical standards for treating any health conditions you may have

Learn more about priority groups
You should also know that being signed up for VA health care meets your Affordable Care Act (ACA) health coverage requirement of having "minimum essential health coverage." We’ll update this site if the ACA changes with new laws.

Learn more about the ACA, VA, and you
Whether you moved and need to change your medical center or need a primary care provider in the area, we can help get you registered at VA Hudson Valley health care.

In addition to the New City, New York location, there are two other medical centers our local veterans use. Call or come by one of their offices:

Castle Point VA Medical Center

Eligibility Office - Health Administrative Service
Building 15
Room E008
Wappinger Falls, New York 12590-7004
Phone: 845-831-2000, ext. 5100
Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. ET

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Hospital
2094 Albany Post Road
Montrose, NY 10548-1454
Phone numbers:
  • Main phone: 914-737-4400
  • VA health connect: 800-877-6976
  • Mental health care: 914-737-4400 x2330
  • Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. ET

The Pact Act and Your VA Benefits
The PACT Act and your VA benefits

The PACT Act is a recently enacted that expands VA health care and benefits for Veterans exposed to burn pits, Agent Orange, and other toxic substances.

Pictured:  A soldier uses a bulldozer to maneuver refuse into a burn pit at Balad, Iraq, in 2004. (Defense Department photo)
Article by Leo Shane III for Military Times:  VA to Screen All Patients for Toxic Exposure Issues

The PACT Act adds to the list of health conditions that we assume (or "presume") are caused by exposure to these substances. This law helps us provide generations of Veterans—and their survivors—with the care and benefits they’ve earned and deserve.

For detailed information on the PACT Act, view this website:

You can call the VA at 800-698-2411 (TTY: 711). And you can file a claim for PACT Act-related disability compensation,  use this link: or contact the Rockland County Veterans Service Agency, 20 Squadron Blvd., Suite 480, New City, New York 10956. Phone number: 845-638-5244.

To apply for VA Health Care:  Call the R.C. Veterans Service Agency at 845-638-5244 or apply online:
2023 Disability Compensation Rates

2023 Veterans Disability Compensation Rates

Review 2023 Veterans disability compensation rates. Use their compensation benefits rate tables to find your monthly payment amount. They base your monthly payment amount on your disability rating and details about your dependent family members.

Compensation rates for Veterans with a 10% to 20% disability rating:

  • 10% disability in 2022 was $152.64 and for 2023 (as of 12/1/2022) has increased to $165.92.
  • 20% disability in 2022 was $301.74 and for 2023 (as of 12/1/2022) has increased to $327.99.
Note: If you have a 10% to 20% disability rating, you won’t receive a higher rate even if you have a dependent spouse, child, or parent.

These 2023 rates (30% or more) are adjusted upwards if the veteran has a dependent  spouse, child or parent.   2023 Rates:
  •   30% disability now is   $508.05
  •   60% disability now is $1319.65
  • 100% disability now is $3757.00

See this link for a complete list of 2023 disability payments:

For information on submitting a claim for disability, or to file for an increase in your compensation claim, please contact the Rockland County Veterans Service Agency at 20 Squadron Blvd., Suite 480, New City, New York 10956.  Phone number: 845-638-5244.  It would be best to call and set up an appointment to speak with one of the veterans' counselors available.  You can also file online or use this link to find out what is needed for you to file a compensation claim:

Joseph P. Dwyer Vet-to-Vet Events and Activities


MEDITATION - Weekly - (M, W & F) - 9-9:30 am. Class elicits deep relaxation and helps reduce stress and anxiety with experienced Instructor Brett Cotter (Stress is Gone Founder and Author of 3 Keys To Managing PTSD). Online virtual event you can experience via Zoom. Meeting ID 983 8404 0455; Passcode: join or Click here for link:

VETERANS WALKING CLUB - Weekly - (Wednesdays) - 9:30 am at PALISADES CENTER. Meet in front of BRIDGES, 2nd Floor, next door to Autobahn Indoor Speedway. We will walk between 45 minutes to an hour. Join a fast pace group, slow pace group or walk at your own pace for however long you want. The mall offers us a comfortable indoor venue regardless of the weather outdoors where we can gather together in camaraderie and get some fitness and exercise while we get walking !   

GENTLE YOGA - Weekly - (Wednesdays & Fridays) - 7-8 pm & again on (Sundays) 10-11:15 am. Virtual session via Zoom. Yoga is extremely beneficial for your physical and mental health. Instructor Mira Stangl is a 500 hour Yoga-Alliance Certified Teacher With Extensive Training in PTSD and Restorative Yoga. If interested in attending email Then you'll be registered to get invitations to each session.

QIGONG - Weekly - (Thursdays) from 9-10 am. (Ancient Chinese Exercise). Gentle meditative exercises based on the cultivation and refinement of Universal Life Energy known as Qi. Practicing this exercise reduces pain, stress and anxiety, improves physical fitness and improves immune function and vitality. Instructor Norman Galinsky, MFA has over 36 years experience in the art. If interested in attending or have questions, contact Izzy Quintana at email

2023 New York State Representatives for Rockland County

New York State Legislature -- 2023/2024

Senators, Committees, And Other Legislative Groups
The Senate's 63 members represent districts from across New York State. Senators belong to a single conference and one or more political parties.  For further information, visit this link:

For Rockland County, Senator William (Bill) Weber (pictured) was sworn in as New York State Senator for 38th Senate District which encompasses Clarkstown, Haverstraw, Orangetown and Ramapo Townships.  You can reach Senator Bill Weber at his district office or via email.

District Office - Rockland County
163 Airport Executive Park, Nanuet , New York 10954
Telephone number:  845-623-3627
Email address:

New York State Assembly Representatives:
Rockland County is the smallest County in New York State, but we have four different Assembly Districts and Assembly Representatives:

96th Assembly District:  Town of Clarkstown and Town of Haverstraw
Assemblyman Kenneth Zebrowski
District Office:  67 North Main Street, New City, NY 10956
Telephone number: 845-634-9791

97th Assembly District:  Town of Orangetown and parts of Town of Ramapo
Assemblyman John W. McGowan
District Office:  1 Blue Hill Plaza, Suite 1116, P.O. Box 1549, Pearl River, New York
Telephone number:  845-624-4601

98th Assembly District:  Parts of the Town of Ramapo - Suffern area
Assemblyman Karl Brabenac
District Office:  28 North Main St., Suite 2, Florida, New York 10921
Telephone number:  845-544-7551

99th Assembly District:  Town of Stony Point and Parts of Orange County
Assemblyman Chris Eachus
District Office:  6 Depot Street, Washingtonville, New York 10992
Telephone number:  845-469-6929

2023 New York Representatives for Town of Stony Point

New York State Senator for the Town of Stony Point, and on the other side of the Hudson, the County of Westchester, County of Putnam, County of Dutchess.

Pictured:  New York State Senator Peter Harckham who represents Town of Stony Point, Dutchess County, Putnam County and Westchester County.

Because of re-districting, the Town of Stony Point is in the 40th New York State Senate District and represented by Senator Pete Harckham of Westchester. Maybe it's just me but does anyone else wonder why one Town out of the five Rockland County towns gets lumped together with Counties across the river -- Dutchess, Putnam, Westchester Counties, rather than being represented by the same State Senator for the other four Towns of Rockland?
At any rate, if those of us in the Town of Stony Point need to contact our New York State Senator, we can reach Senator Pete Harckham at 914-241-4600 or view this link:  
Senator Harckham's District Office is: 1 Park Place, Suite 302, Peekskill, New York 10566.
At least he was raised in Rockland County!!

From Senator Pete Harckham's Website:
Westchester & the Hudson Valley

New York's 40th District includes the towns of Beekman, Pawling and the village of Pawling in Dutchess County, the towns of Carmel, Patterson and Southeast, and the village of Brewster in Putnam County, and the city of Peekskill, the towns of Cortlandt, Lewisboro, Mount Pleasant, New Castle, North Salem, Pound Ridge, Somers and Yorktown, the town/village of Mount Kisco, and the villages of Briarcliff Manor, Buchanan, Croton-on-Hudson, Pleasantville and Sleepy Hollow in Westchester County.

2023 House of Representatives, U.S. Senators, Governor
Pictured:  Rockland County Congressman Michael Lawler.  
Congressman Lawler's website is:

New York's 17th Congressional District is a congressional district for the United States House of Representatives located in Southern New York. It includes all of Rockland County and portions of central and northwestern Westchester County, including the village of Port Chester, and the city of White Plains.

We wish Congressman Mike Lawler much success in this new venture.

Other contact links of interest for the U.S. Senate, Governor and Lieutenant Governor
United States Senate Representatives
Senator Charles E. Schumer
780 Third Avenue, Suite 2301, New York, New York 10017
Phone: (212) 486-4430 / Fax: (202) 228-2838 / TDD: (212) 486-7803
District Office:  One Park Place, Suite 100, Peekskill, New York 10566
Phone: (914) 734-1532

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
Lower Hudson Valley Office
P.O. Box 749, Yonkers, New York 10710 / Telephone number:  (845) 875-4585

Find Your Congressional Representative

New York Executive:  Governor Kathy Hochul -- Website
Contact Us By Phone:  1-518-474-8390 | Office hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Contact Us By Mail:   The Honorable Kathy Hochul, Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building, Albany, New York 12224

Lieutenant Governor Antonio Delgado

A Face for Every Name on the Vietnam War Memorial Wall



The decades-long Wall of Faces project, meant to humanize the names on the iconic Vietnam War memorial, is now complete.

In the above photo, Pete Corrall touches his friend's name on the Wall in 2014 when touring the memorial with others who accepted Medals of Honor on behalf of a family member. (Department of Defense photo by EJ Hersom, DVIDShub)

The VVMF has spent over two decades seeking a photo for each name on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C.  The names on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, better known as the Wall, will no longer stand alone.

There is now a face for every name inscribed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., thanks to volunteer researchers. The Wall of Faces gallery, an initiative of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, is now finally complete after more than two decades of research, the VVMF has announced. Wall of Faces Gallery link:

The goal was to collect at least one photograph of each of the 58,281 Vietnam War service members whose names are inscribed on the Wall began in 2001.  According to VVMF president and CEO Jim Knotts, the quest for photos was intended "to ensure that visitors to The Wall understand that behind each name is a face — a person with a story of a family and friends who were forever changed by their loss."

Volunteer researcher Janna Hoehn, interviewed by Vietnam magazine in March 2022, spearheaded the effort to collect the last 18 names needed to complete the Wall of Faces earlier this year.  "His life mattered. Even if a veteran’s family is gone, we still need to honor him," Hoehn had said in her interview. "Whether or not there is any family whatsoever, each man’s life was important and we want to honor him."   The mission is now complete.

"I am thrilled beyond words that the project is completed," Hoehn said. "I am grateful for each and every volunteer, each newspaper that agreed to do a story for a little lady from Hawaii. I am proud of my work with this project and will never forget this time in my life."
Other volunteers who played a key role include Andrew Johnson, a Wisconsin newspaper publisher; David Hine, who first discovered the effort from a VVMF newsletter; and Herb Reckinger, who began searching for Minnesotans on the Wall in 2014 and expanded to other states.

Although the Wall of Faces now has a photo for each name, the VVMF continues to search for additional, higher-quality images and stories.  "We are still looking for better-quality photos for several thousand of the men," Hoehn told Vietnam magazine. "Some photos that have been submitted are obituary photos, high school yearbook photos or Polaroids from Vietnam."

If you’re looking to see where better photos are needed, you can do a search online through the Wall of Faces ( It will reveal banners at the bottom of existing photos indicating whether higher quality pictures are needed. You can also visit the mobile exhibit.

"The Wall That Heals has a large-screen TV and slideshow," Hoehn said. "We are hoping for better photos of many of them."  In addition to more photos, the VVMF invites the public to share stories and memories on the online memorial to add to the legacy of fallen service members.

Podcasts on Veterans' Issues

Podcasts on Veterans’ Issues Fill the Airwaves with Important Messages
Veterans can benefit from assorted types of media outreach that familiarize them with their issues of concern. Whether it’s by video, radio or podcast platforms, there’s never a shortage of topics to communicate to Veterans.

VA’s efforts to highlight these media outlets are part of the newly launched VA Radio Outreach initiative. The heart of the initiative is VA’s internally recorded public service announcements (PSAs) on services, benefits and programs that benefit Veterans, including the PACT Act, VA’s new crisis line number, VA’s Million Veteran Program, VA’s new health and benefits app and much more. Every one of the PSAs is listed on this page and is available for download as an MP3 recording.

The following is a list of some of the many podcasts and radio stations with shows that focus on Veterans’ issues. Please share the names of any other such media outlets in the comments section of this article to help us identify more shows to reach out to.

Veterans Corner Radio Podcast
Veterans Corner Radio focuses on what Veterans and their families need to know to maximize the services and benefits due to them. No matter if someone is currently serving or left the military 50 years ago, the program provides answers to questions that Veterans didn’t even know they should be asking. Each show is roughly a 15-minute investment in the future of Veterans and that of their families. The podcast’s web site includes a library of shows featuring more than 140 interviews.  

To view many other podcasts, please check out this link:

Book Proceeds Benefit Disabled Veterans
Please check out Vietnam veteran Roy Tschudy's book, "Endless." Roy is a past President of Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter #333, and writes about a variety of experiences that our Vietnam vets encountered.  As with all good books, be prepared to experience a lot of emotions with this: you will be intrigued, angry, surprised, maybe shed a tear or two, and laugh out loud at some of the shenanigans in this enjoyable tale of fact, fiction and myth. All proceeds of "Endless" go to help veterans. The book is available in paperback or Kindle edition from Amazon:
"Endless" is the second book authored by Roy Tschudy. His first book also had great reviews.
"Up Close and Personal" is available through Amazon as well.  
Employment Opportunities
Palisades Center Mall:  List of job opportunities at the Mall:
Intake Specialist for BRIDGES - The Intake Specialist is responsible for delivering consistent and professional service to the community with any health, human or social service needs via telephone, in person, e-mail or other forms of communication and is responsible for implementing various quality assurance measures to ensure consumer satisfaction and general compliance with reporting protocol.

  • A Bachelor’s Degree (B.A.) plus a minimum of one year experience in a similar capacity or equivalent combination of education and experience working with people with disabilities.
  • Masters Degree preferred
  • Ability to speak another language in addition to English, including Spanish, Creole, ASL, etc. preferred
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Software, including Excel, Word and Power Point
  • Ability to become proficient on other software products as utilized by the position
  • Strong familiarity with disability issues and have experience with the disability community
  • Excellent interpersonal, organizational, written and oral communication skills, able to interact with all levels of associates in a respectful, confidential manner
  • Must have a high degree of professionalism and understanding of confidentiality
  • Good organization skills and strong interpersonal skills as well as ability to work with other departments
  • Maintain strong work ethics, and strict adherence to code of ethics, standards of conduct and confidentiality requirements

For further information on this and all positions currently posted, please view this link:

Veterans Employment and Training Services (VETS) Resources for Veterans
The Veterans' Employment and Training Service (VETS) is committed to helping America's veterans and separating service members by preparing them for meaningful careers, providing employment resources and expertise, and protecting their employment rights.

FedEx Independent Service Provider
FedEx is looking to hire full time and part time drivers to deliver and pickup packages from Blauvelt, NY. Full time schedule is Monday – Friday and part time schedule has weekend positions available. Must be over 21 years old, have a clean drivers license, and be able to pass physical and drug tests. Background checks are also required. Salary for full time starts at $700 per week. Please contact 201-724-7781 to see if you qualify.

Office of Acquisition, Logistics, and Construction of the Veterans Administration:
The link below lists current positions have been announced for the Office of Acquisition, Logistics and Construction (OALC). This is not a complete listing of all Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) vacancies and may not include all positions announced for OALC. You may access VA recruitment information on the VA Jobs site at this link:
If you wish copies of announcements listed below, please contact the individual identified in the specific announcement.  Here is the link to the OALC Job Listings:

Montefiore-Nyack Hospital, Nyack, New York 10960
See link for full listing and information about career opportunities at Nyack Hospital, Nyack, New York.

Good Samaritan Hospital, Suffern, New York.  Good Samaritan Hospital is affiliated with Westchester Medical Center.  See this link for available employment -

Rockland County Employment Information:
Here is a link to current job openings available in Rockland County

Rockland County Veterans' Credits:

New York City Civil Service Jobs, Tests, and Results as listed in The Chief:

MTA Metro-North Railroad has ongoing employment opportunities:
To apply for current jobs with the MTA, please go to the MTA Employment Portal at:

NYC Green Book Online: The Green Book is the official directory of the City of New York.  An indispensable reference guide for anyone living or working in New York City. Includes detailed listings of agencies. Website:
Rockland County Marine Corps League

Rockland County Marine Corps League regularly receives donations of handicap assistance equipment for disabled veterans from people who want to help. The donated equipment is available for free to military veterans and their families. The items include the following:

  • Motorized Wheelchairs
  • Manual Wheelchairs
  • Oxygen Generator
  • Walkers
  • Bath Chairs
  • Transfer Benches
  • Braces
  • Crutches
  • Canes

If you have need of any of this equipment, contact the folks at the Rockland County Marine Corps League - 845-323-8774 or via e-mail:
RockVets Monthly Newsletter

RockVets is an Outreach program of New York Vets, Inc.,  a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization established in 1992, to advocate for those who have worn the uniform of the U.S. Military, no matter where or when they served.

The volunteers at New York Vets / RockVets publish this monthly e-newsletter.  We welcome your thoughts, questions, and feedback. E-mail:

We are not affiliated with any government agency such as the Veterans Administration, Rockland County Government, nor the Veterans Service Agency of Rockland.

Each month, our newsletter reaches more than 1800 local veterans or those who care about veterans' interests.  Please use this forum to let veterans know of any information, resources, links or events they might enjoy. Send information to or send us a note through our website:  Thank you for passing this newsletter along to other veterans.  

Our Mailing Address
New York Vets, Inc. / RockVets
P.O. Box 387
Tomkins Cove, New York 10986                                                           

Pat McGlade
Co-Founder / Director
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